First Sunday of Advent 2005

at St. John Neumann Church


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Saint John Neumann Church


At the ring of a bell, the people stand and the priest enters, preceded by the servers.


Dominus vobiscum ("The Lord be with you")


Fr. John Arthur Orr reads the Epistle and Gospel in English at the ambo 

(having previously read them in Latin at the altar).


Altar boys Michael Hendershott and Kenny Jacobs


Fr. Orr delivers the homily.


Altar boys waiting for the priest's washing of the hands


The washing of the hands


The Body of Christ is elevated for adoration by the people.


The Precious Blood is elevated for adoration by the people.


The Ecce Agnus Dei ("Behold the Lamb of God")


Fr. Orr and Fr. John Dowling distribute Holy Communion to the people

kneeling for reception on the tongue (as is customary at a traditional Latin Mass).


Fr. Orr says "May the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve thy

soul unto life everlasting. Amen" (in Latin) before each communicant.


Fr. Orr gives the final blessing.


The people, priest, and servers kneel to say the final prayers after the Last Gospel.


The recessional



All photos herein are by Roy Ehman, Our Lady of Fatima, Alcoa, Tennessee who retains the copyright.


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