External Solemnity of Saints Peter & Paul

First Solemn High Mass of Fr. Michael Hendershott

Holy Ghost Church (Knoxville, TN) - June 28, 2015 


Photography by Roy Ehman


This Mass celebrated by Fr. Hendershott in the extraordinary form on the day following his ordination, and accompanied by the Knoxville Latin Mass Schola singing the Ordinary in the choral setting of Mozartís Missa Brevis in G, was a significant event in the life of the Knoxville Latin Mass Community. As a high school student back in 2005, he served our very first indult Mass in Knoxville which was celebrated by Fr. John Orr, who stood as the assistant priest at Fr. Hendershottís side as he himself celebrated the traditional Latin Mass for the first time. Click here for more at Fr. Zís blog.



Prayers at the foot of the altar



The incense is prepared



Celebrant blessing the deacon before he chants the Gospel



Preparing the offering



The subdeacon holding the veiled paten is incensed




Adoration of the Body of Christ



Adoration of the Precious Blood



The deacon (at right) chants the 2nd Confiteor before Holy Communion



The final blessing



Chanting the Salve Regina at the close of Mass



The recessional



Sacred ministers, priests in choro, and servers kneeling

to receive the celebrantís blessing right after Mass

(Photo by Howard Hendershott)



After-Mass group photo taken with Fr. Michael Hendershott (celebrant) and Fr. John Orr (assist. priest)

(Photo by Howard Hendershott)








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