About the Knoxville Latin Mass Community


The Knoxville Latin Mass Community (KLMC) is incorporated and registered with the state of Tennessee as a non-profit organization and is approved under IRS section 501(c)(3) for receipt of tax-deductible contributions toward the support of the traditional Latin Mass in the Knoxville area.


The functions of the KLMC are supervised in accordance with its charter and bylaws by a Board of Directors who also may elect officers and new members when needed. The current board members are Henry Edwards (President), Rev. Dr. John Orr (Vice President), Jan Johnsson (Secretary-Treasurer), and Kendra Dowlatshahi. A brief history of the Knoxville Latin Mass and Community can be found here.


This web site is maintained with the goals of


-- Providing timely information to Catholics in Knoxville and East Tennessee who are interested in attending the weekly traditional Latin Masses that are regularly scheduled in local parishes;


-- Chronicling the continued growth and support for the traditional Mass in our area; and


-- Fostering the development of an effective Latin Mass community that encourages this growth and looks forward to additional daily, Sunday, and Holy Day Masses convenient to the faithful throughout East Tennessee.


Comments and suggestions are welcome, and may be e-mailed to the Knoxville Latin Mass Webmaster.


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