MASS THIS SUNDAY (August 16, 2020)

11th Sunday after Pentecost

Proper Prayers and Readings – online here, leaflet here

     (Angelus 753, Baronius 800, Campion 356)

Order of Mass:   Angelus 838, Baronius 900, Campion 569

Ordinary:  Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei

Preface of the Holy Trinity (Angelus 875, Baronius 884, Campion 598)
Anthem to the Virgin Mary:  Salve Regina – from Trinity Sunday until Advent

            (Campion Missal 961, Angelus Missal 116, Baronius Missal 121, online here)

8 am, St. Mary Church, Athens

11:30 am, Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul, Chattanooga

12 noon, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

2 pm, St. Mary Church, Johnson City


MASS NEXT SUNDAY (August 23, 2020)

12th Sunday after Pentecost

8 am, St. Mary Church, Athens

11:30 am, Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul, Chattanooga

12 noon, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

2 pm, St. Mary Church, Johnson City


The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

10:00 am, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville




(Angelus 753, Baronius 800, Campion 356)



Omnípotens sempitérne Deus, qui, abundántia pietátis tuæ, et mérita súpplicum excédis et vota: effúnde super nos misericórdiam tuam; ut dimíttas quæ consciéntia métuit, et adiícias quod orátio non præsúmit.

O almighty and eternal God, who in the abundance of thy goodness dost exceed both the merits and desires of thy suppliants; pour forth thy mercy upon us; that thou mayest pardon what our conscience dreads, and grant those blessings which our prayer dares not to ask.




Réspice, Dómine, quǽsumus, nostram propítius servitútem: ut, quod offérimus, sit tibi munus accéptum, et sit nostræ fragilitátis subsidium.

Look graciously upon our homage, O Lord, we beseech thee : that the gift we offer may be acceptable to thee, and be to us the support of our weakness.


Epistle    1 Corinthians 15: 1-10


Gospel    Mark 7: 31-37



Sentiámus, quǽsumus, Dómine, tui perceptióne sacraménti, subsídium mentis et córporis: ut, in utróque salváti, cæléstis remédii plenitúdine gloriémur.

May we experience, by the reception of thy sacrament, we beseech thee, O Lord, help in body and mind : that saved in both, we may glory in the fullness of this heavenly remedy.





Saturday (Aug. 22) of the coming week is the octave day of the Assumption and is the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This devotion focuses on the interior life of the Blessed Virgin—her joys and sorrows, her virtues and hidden perfections, her virginal love for God the Father and her maternal love for her son Jesus.


Her Heart is often depicted pierced with a sword, recalling Simeon’s prophecy that “Behold this child is set for the fall …... And thy own soul a sword shall pierce” (Luke 2:34-35).



Devotion to the Immaculate of Mary has long been linked with devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


The Heart of Jesus is viewed as the source of God’s love, and the Heart of Mary as flowing with compassion.











Two Hearts Devotion

The Sacred Heart

of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart

of Mary


Not everyone can make it to Mass for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but everyone with a traditional daily hand missal can use it to observe this feast by praying individually the orations and readings of this Mass (Angelus 1361, Baronius 1448). And for those without personal missals:


Collect for the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Omnípotens sempitérne Deus, qui in Corde beátæ Maríæ Vírginis dignum Spíritus Sancti habitáculum præparásti: concéde propítius; ut eiúsdem immaculáti Cordis festivitátem devóta mente recoléntes, secúndum cor tuum vívere valeámus.

Almighty, everlasting God, Who in the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary prepared a dwelling place worthy of the Holy Spirit; graciously grant that we, who are devoutly keeping the feast of her Immaculate Heart, may be able to live according to Your Heart.




Maiestáti tuæ, Dómine, Agnum immaculátum offeréntes, quǽsumus: ut corda nostra ignis ille divínus accéndat, cui Cor beátæ Maríæ Vírginis ineffabíliter inflammávit.

Offering the spotless Lamb to Your Majesty, O Lord, we pray that our hearts may be set aflame by the fire that burned so wondrously in the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Lesson:    Ecclesiasticus 24:23-31


Gospel:       John 19:25-27



Divínis refécti munéribus te, Dómine, supplíciter exorámus: ut beátæ Maríæ Vírginis intercessióne, cuius immaculáti Cordis solémnia venerándo égimus, a præséntibus perículis liberáti, ætérnæ vitæ gáudia consequámur.

Refreshed by divine gifts, we humbly beseech You, O Lord, that by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the solemn feast of whose Immaculate Heart we have celebrated, we may be freed from present dangers and reach the happiness of life eternal.

















The Immaculate Heart of Mary tofether with the Holy Rosary, as Our Lady appeared to the children at Fátima.


In one of her prophecies to them, she offered us the assurance that

In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.



PODCAzT:  Bp. Schneider’s call for a Campaign of Eucharistic Reparation


From Fr. Zuhlsdorf, the podcast mentioned in the fiery sermon featured in last week’s newsletter:


Bp. Schneider has called for a Crusade of Eucharistic Reparation. He released a text on his site, Gloria Dei, about sins against the Blessed Sacrament, offences against our Lord in the Eucharist, and the need of such a coordinated campaign.


I read the whole text from Bp. Schneider’s site, make some comments after with some recommendations for ACTION! and then read also the PRAYER that Bp. Schneider attached for the same Crusade.




The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary  


The proper orations (Angelus 1361, Baronius 1435, Campion 485) for this coming week’s solemnity of the Assumption on Saturday, August 15 (10:00 am Mass at Holy Ghost Church):


Collect for the Assumption

Omnípotens sempitérne Deus, qui Immaculátam Vírginem Maríam, Fílii tui genitrícem, córpore et ánima ad coeléstem glóriam assumpsísti: concéde, quǽsumus; ut, ad superna semper inténti, ipsíus glóriæ mereámur esse consórtes.

Almighty, everlasting God, Who hath taken up the immaculate Virgin Mary, the Mother of Thy Son, with body and soul into heavenly glory : grant, we beseech Thee, that we may always, intent on higher things, deserve to be partakers of her glory.



Ascéndat ad te, Dómine, nostræ devotiónis oblátio, et, beatíssima Vírgine María in cœlum assumpta intercedénte, corda nostra, caritátis igne succénsa, ad te iúgiter ádspirent.

May the offering of our devotion ascend to thee, O Lord, and through the intercession of the most blessed Virgin Mary, who hath been assumed into heaven, may our hearts, inflamed by the fire of charity, steadfastly yearn for thee.



Ascéndat ad te, Dómine, nostræ devotiónis oblátio, et, beatíssima Vírgine María in cœlum assumpta intercedénte, corda nostra, caritátis igne succénsa, ad te iúgiter ádspirent.

Having received, O Lord, the salvific sacrament, we pray that, through the merits and intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary assumed into heaven, we may by led to the glory of the resurrection.



Please join the Webers to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, Aug 15th at 5 pm. Please note the location change:


     1123 Stewart St -- just two blocks from Holy Ghost


Potluck as usual! Please contact Misty Weber for details or questions.


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