MASS THIS SUNDAY (July 23, 2017)

7th Sunday after Pentecost

12:00 noon, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

          St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal page numbers:

Order of Mass (567)

Proper Prayers and Readings (340)

          Kyrie, Gloria, Credo III, Sanctus, Agnus Dei:  Mass XI Orbis factor (740)

Preface of the Holy Trinity:  Mass leaflet or Campion Missal (598)

Closing Marian Antiphon:  Salve Regina  (961)

3 pm, St. Joseph the Worker Church, Madisonville

5 pm, Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul, Chattanooga


MASS NEXT SUNDAY (July 30, 2017)

8th Sunday after Pentecost

12:00 noon, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

3 pm, St. Therese of Lisieux Church, Cleveland




Pentecost 2017 at historic Chartres Cathedral, glory of the Age of Faith


From a sermon (here) by Fr. Richard Cipolla, pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Norwalk, Connecticut, the Sunday following President Trump’s speech in Poland on the defense of Western civilization (which developed historically as the daughter of the Catholic Church):


Without the Catholic Church, the past two thousand years would be incomprehensible and void of much meaning.  The Church’s strong influence in every facet of culture—from the art and music that was inspired and supported by the Church to the development of rational thought that made possible modern science, but above all for the truly civilizing influence of the Church that turned barbarians into the English and the French.


Dare we say that the Traditional Roman Mass that developed from the early Church through Gregory the Great, through what historians call the Dark Ages, through the flowering of what we call the Middle Ages, even to the eve of the discovery of the New World, is one of the bedrocks of Western civilization?  The greatest composers, including the anonymous composers of the chant and the composers of polyphony like Byrd, Victoria and Palestrina, Bach, Mozart and even Stravinsky:  all this music inspired by the Traditional Roman Rite and written to make the Rite sing for the praise of almighty God.  The Traditional Roman Rite is certainly the bedrock of the Catholic Church, and its suppression in the 1960s will be written about in Church history in the same way as the Babylonian exile.


The Traditional Roman Mass is God-given. It developed in the womb of the Church like a pearl in an oyster. . . . [And it] is the key to the future, not only the future of this parish but also the very future of the Church.  Together we look forward to the time when the Traditional Roman Mass will once again be the Ordinary Form of the Mass.  May this be the will of God.


Mass on the 10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum

in the great 13th century cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris

(click image to enlarge; more photos here)


See also Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s comments (here) on F. Cipolla’s sermon, and the typically erudite commentary (here) of Fr. George Rutler on President Trump’s Warsaw speech.


Auf wiedersehen, Fr. Joseph Hamilton!

And, having been so blessed these past two weeks with his summer break here in Knoxville, we do indeed look forward to seeing Fr. Hamilton once more when (hopefully) he visits us again.


One of numerous memorable quotes from Fr. Hamilton’ numinous sermon at yesterday’s Mass (the full text that many have requested is posted here):


“There has never been in the history of the Church such a thing as a conservative catholic religion or a liberal Catholic religion. Either we are believing, practising Catholics, or we are not. There isn’t a menu of options for us to choose from. Some of our doctrine is unpopular to 21st century secular appetites. That is nothing new. From the time of the first Christians we have been a sign of contradiction in a hostile world. We were the people who would not sacrifice to the cultus deorum of ancient Rome! We were the people who would not burn incense to Jupiter! We were the people who were thrown to the lions for refusing to participate in the ungodly excesses of the Roman Empire. Two thousand years ago – the mantra was ‘Oh you Christians, why do you have to cause such a fuss? It’s just a bit of incense. Throw it on the fire and we can all get on our with our lives.’ Today it is, ‘Oh you Catholics, it’s just a little abortion. Why must you be so difficult?...’


But the hostile world is outside. This morning we are sitting inside a fortress, in this beautiful church, and in this morning’s introit, we have just heard the choir sing that the Lord is the protector of His peoples and the safeguard of their salvation. In the Collect we have asked the Lord to grant us an increase of True religion - the Catholic religion, not liberal or conservative Catholicism, just Catholicism, as it always has been, preserved and passed on, through the Mass, down through the centuries.”



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