MASS THIS SUNDAY (August 19, 2018)

13th Sunday after Pentecost

12:00 noon, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal page numbers:

Sprinkling Rite:   Asperges me  (567)

Order of Mass:  Missalette or Campion Missal (569)

Proper Prayers and Readings  (365) – online here, leaflet here

Ordinary:  Kyrie, Gloria, Credo III, Sanctus, Agnus DeiMass XI Orbis Factor (727)

Preface of the Holy Trinity (Missalettes; Campion 598, Angelus 875, Baronius 884)
Final Marian Antiphon:  Salve Regina – from Trinity Sunday until Advent

     (online here, Campion Missal 961, Angelus Missal 116, Baronius Missal 121)

8 am, St. Mary Church, Athens

3 pm, St. Therese of Lisieux Church, Cleveland

3 pm, St. Mary Church, Johnson City


MASS NEXT SUNDAY (August 26, 2018)
14th Sunday after Pentecost

12 noon, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

8 am, St. Mary Church, Athens

5 pm, Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul, Chattanooga


The Miraculous 54-day Rosary – Beginning on the Feast of the Assumption,

and ending with a coast-to-coast Rosary on October 7, the Feast of

Our Lady of the Rosary (more information here)





The largest workshop for the Traditional Latin Mass in the world, Ars Celebrandi, was held this summer in Licheń, Poland, and featured Archbishop Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei—the Holy See office responsible for the traditional Roman liturgy.


Archbishop Pozzo celebrated Solemn Pontifical Mass in the Licheń Basilica, presided over Pontifical vespers, and presented a lecture entitled "The Ancient Roman Liturgy and the Contemporary Crisis of Faith”. In this lecture he pointed out the today’s crisis of Catholic belief—which is no less than a cataclysm in Western civilization—has three dimensions:  The secularization of faith, hope and charity, sharing a common denominator—the loss of interest in the supernatural and the vision of God, so that only that which is visible to human eyes is considered meaningful.


Beautiful 4 min 30 second video of scenes from the Pontifical Mass


He stated that this contemporary heresy is a new heresy, different from all previous ones in the history of the Church, in which only certain particular aspects of faith were challenged. Whereas now it is the Faith as a whole that is under attack, both within and without the Church. This crisis cannot be solved without eliminating its cause—that is, without restoring God to His proper and central place. And the Holy Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite is, Archbishop Pozzo said, vital for this restoration of the Sacred.


Commenting on this last remark of Ab. Pozzo, Fr. Zuhlsdorf added (here):


We need the Extraordinary Form everywhere and often to stand on its own in the heart of the Church and to serve as a corrective, to provide a “gravitational pull” on the Novus Ordo.  Also, the Extraordinary Form forms priests in a way that the Novus Ordo simply doesn’t.  That formation will have a profound knock on effect throughout the Church.





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